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Feathers and Cat Teaser Wand Toys

Feather teasers and cat toys on wands are our favourite way of making friends with shy kitties at our cat boarding facility. Each of these toys is guaranteed to have your kitty pouncing, swatting and mauling with delight!

All of the toys on this page are handmade in British Columbia.

  Sweet Pea playing peacock feather games

Marabou Rainbow

Marabou Rainbow Cat Teaser Toy
      Click to view larger image

A happy looking feather toy that has bright, stiff feathers so that you can create rustling sounds to tempt your kitty into pouncing. Soft Maribou feathers embedded throughout stimulate whiskers when your kitty bites down, making play even more rousing.

The feathers are attached to a 12" stiff balloon stick. Feather lengths vary from 3" to 6".

Up to 4 wand toys can be shipped in the same mailing tube, for minimal shipping costs.


Pampered Pussycat Wand Toy

Pampered Pussycat Wand Toy
      Click to view larger image

For the Princess Pussy Cat, who likes her toys to be as gentle and dainty as the fluffy hair growing from between her toes...The Pampered Pussy Cat Wand Toy! This whisker tickler will have even the most lady-like kitty forgetting her manners and leaping into play (with style, of course).

Two luxurious peacock feathers are englufed in a mouthful of fluffy marabou feathers. The base is wrapped in sparkling marabou boa, making it the perfect party toy for birthday girls.

Up to 2 of these wand toys can be shipped in the same mailing tube, for minimal costs.


Caution: Please take care with all cat toys. Do not leave feathers, mylar or string out for unsupervised play as they can cause severe stomach problems if consumed. Special, one-on-one, daily play time with your kitty is what brings out the magic in these toys!

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